On August 20, 2023, a crucial step was taken in the field of energy with the remarkable collaboration between JETA ENGINEERING, the Gabon Energy and Water Company (SEEG), and HEXING. This strategic alliance was marked by the joint visit of the JETA ENGINEERING and SEEG teams to HEXING for the validation of the factory recipe for the electric meters.

HEXING, a world leader in the design and manufacturing of smart meters, enthusiastically welcomed the technical teams from JETA ENGINEERING and SEEG. This collaboration aims to ensure that electricity meters comply with the strictest industry standards and ensure their perfect operation for future energy projects.

During this factory acceptance validation, the teams carefully examined the performance, measurement accuracy, reliability and durability of the electric meters. Every aspect has been subjected to rigorous testing to ensure the quality of the equipment that will be deployed in Gabon’s electricity networks.

The joint presence of JETA ENGINEERING, an expert in electrical engineering and energy projects, and SEEG, a major player in the distribution of electricity and water in Gabon, reinforces the common commitment to energy efficiency and the modernization of infrastructure.

This step demonstrates the importance given to the quality of electrical equipment within the framework of large-scale projects in Gabon. The synergy between JETA ENGINEERING, SEEG and HEXING reflects the common desire to guarantee reliable and sustainable energy solutions for the continued growth of the electricity sector in the region.

We welcome this fruitful collaboration and remain committed to providing cutting-edge services and technologies to contribute to the sustainable development of the energy sector in Gabon. This alliance marks a significant milestone in our common quest for energy excellence and innovation.